Solar Flare – Be Prepared

There have been catastrophic events for many years in history.

  • Record breaking hurricanes have occurred.
  • Massive flooding.
  • Wildfires.
  • Mudslides.

We hear about these events so much that it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we’ve faced all of the dangers we’re going to face from natural events.

We think we know all there is to know about dangerous events. But there is a danger that lurks, just waiting for the time when it will explode and wreak havoc on Earth – and it’s caused by the sun in the form of a solar flare.

You might think that a solar flare is no big deal. After all, the sun is so far away from Earth that a solar flare isn’t even on your radar of things to prepare for. It should be. A solar flare is magnetic energy that suddenly bursts free.

It can create electromagnetic events in the area where you live. The aftereffects of experiencing one can be devastating to your way of life if you’re not prepared. A solar flare has the ability to completely wipe out power grids, drop satellites from their orbit and disrupt all communication systems.

The threat from a solar flare is dangerous enough that the government is working on a way to handle one. When a solar flare makes a direct strike on Earth, you can expect that there will be more than minimal damage.

Solar Flare

A potential solar flare strike could happen at any moment anywhere in the world without warning. There have already been close calls in the past with solar flares. In the event of a solar flare hit, the normal day to day functions would cease.

  • Anything that you rely on for electricity wouldn’t be able to work.
  • There can be sustained blackouts.
  • If your water supply is run through electricity, you would lose the ability to have water to drink in your home.
  • A solar flare can strike and cause fires to break out.
  • It can cut off communication and cause widespread disruptions and create a panic for people who aren’t prepared.


Those who aren’t prepared will be the most vulnerable.

What’s truly frightening is that the solar flares are unpredictable. The government will not be able to take the time to prepare in advance because there is little advance warning.

Everything that touches your life would be affected – how you travel, your access to long term food supplies, your ability to have your medical needs met, your security and more. You need to take steps today to ensure your safety and well being in the event of a solar flare.

By being prepared, you can minimize the disruption you’ll face.


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